“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dom on a variety of live event projects since 2013, specifically on musical themes for large general sessions.  First and foremost he is a very talented musician, on top of that he is a great composer and orchestrator.  What sets him apart is his capacity to listen to a brief, anticipate, empathize and envisage the direction and express them quickly in musical terms so one immediately gets a sense of what’s coming and then in at what seems light speed he turns up with first draft that captures everything we’ve discussed. That’s just the first step, what happens next is fantastic, over a couple of iterations together he finesses and adapts the work so it does exactly what we want and serves the story we are telling perfectly.  That process of iteration continues to the live environment where Dom adapts the orchestration to work with the physical space we are working in, he collaborates closely with the sound designers and engineers and the outcome is extraordinary.  I look forward to working with Dom again very soon.”


Ben Hawkins

Executive Producer

George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

"Working with Dom is a real rewarding experience for me as I feel it to be a real collaborative approach where everyone involved can contribute and is heard. Dom approaches the project with an open mind, registers everything you convey in the brief, however disjointed the brief.. to then deliver amazing results. We have worked together on several occasions to create soundtracks for highlights videos and once for the opening sequence of a large plenary session. Each time we went through the same constructive processes, Dom always ensuring that he has come up with the right tone, sound, melody, tempo.. before moving on to the next stage of development. Dom has also been onsite with us and really understand the high quality standard expected from the sound department, he integrates this knowledge in the tracks he composes for maximum impact during the live performance.

I would work with Dom any day and urge anyone who needs composed music for their corporate needs to get in touch with Dom."


Esther Williams